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The Blog And All The Features - Are Free!

Cruisers Corner offers an easy way to post your blog and create a travel log that your friends, family and followers will enjoy.

Derived from the experience of a seasoned cruiser, this format was created to ensure versatile posting features.

BLOG HOSTING IS FREE! Your own private address is also available for 20.00 annual fee

Example -

The Boat Blog Deluxe List Of Features: ALL FREE!

User Friendly Control Panel: Find what you need and make adjustments easily with our convenient main panel menus and settings.

Custom Header Image: Allows you to upload a header image of your own, or simply choose one of the eight standard header images provided. There are preset banner ads in the header with links. These can be removed, added to, or adjusted. You can also choose to have your header image randomly rotate from a list that you control.

Sponsor Ads:
NOTE: ADS ARE NOT REQUIRED. This unique feature is completely optional. You have the control to add banner ad images within your Blog header and mini versions of the ads in the side column area. You may eliminate all ads with the settings area.

Navigational Tabs: Create separate pages with menu navigational tab links. Allows for a better navigational feel-"more like a website".

Email Posting: Post via email from anywhere with multiple posting email addresses. If you have a shortwave radio email account you can post a blog from almost anywhere. Some cruisers subscribe to shortwave email services. is one of the radio email organizations that can be utilized. If you hold an amateur radio license or are a member of a supported organization or agency you can use the Winlink 2000 system. This system and software is free. Post images from standard email accounts. Shortwave radio posts are not able to post images due to the amount of data needed. All this using a unique email This allows you to email post without having to log onto a post area, just send an email to your assigned address and your post is published. The email subject line becomes the title, the body of the email becomes the text content and any images attached to the email are published.

 Email Subscriptions: Allows your visitors to sign up via their email address to your Blog postings. When you add a new post it notifies them of the new post and provides links to it.

 Photo Album: A powerful feature that allows you many photo album controls. Create slide shows, allow quick access to your photo albums, display the photo of the day, display the top ten photos viewed, display the last ten photos, display thumbnails of all photos and much more.

YouTube Post: Feature allows you to embed YouTube videos in your Blog post or even on the side column.

Google Maps: Feature allows you to place Google map locations on a post or on the side column area.

Social Network Links: Feature allows you to place an icon and link to ten of the most popular social networks. Connect to RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg and MySpace.

PayPal Link: Feature allows you to place a button to receive funds to your PayPal account.

  More standard features inside.

Visit Our Demo Blogs:  Light Background Setting  or   Dark Background Setting

 Our Complete Blog Package Is FREE! You just need to sign up.